KSRTC Ticket Cancellation Norms

The below cancellation norms may vary from the original one. Please confirm before coming to any decision.
ksrtc ticket cancellation

Ticket cancellation Rules
  • If the ticket was booked in advance then only ticket is able to be cancelled. This process will take about total of 30 minutes before the time of departure from the place of origin.
  • The booking of ticket can be stopped at early time if there is early morning or late night departure from the distant place. This can be explained by giving example that one can stop the booking just at 2200 hours on the day before departure at 0500 hours.
  • Depending upon the place of service and time of departure, the slabs for the cancellation are set.
  • For cancellation at partial level, all conditions mentioned above are applied.
  • On ticket cancellation, the fee application for cancellation is depending upon the fee for journey.
  • Discount on cancellation depends upon the procedure mentioned above. This fare of cancellation depends upon the basic fare that is paid by passenger and amount that is refunded will be less from the cancellation fee collected.
  • No reservation fee will be refunded.
  • The refunded fee includes entry fee, user fee, toll fee, and bridge fee.

Cancellation Fee Slabs

(From the amount of reservation of passenger only, the fee of cancellation be deducted)

Cancellation FeeDuration (Cancellation time)Remarks
10% of the basic fareUp to 72 hours before the departure time
25% of the basic fareBetween 72 hours and up to 24 hours before departure time
50% of the basic fareBetween 24 hours and up to 30 minutes before departure time
100% of the basic fare + Other feesLess than 30 minutes before departure time and at/after the departure timeNO REFUND will be given.

KSRTC e-Cancellation

  • Only through the website of KSRTC, the m-tickets and e-tickets will be cancelled. Only at the time of booking of bus service, ticket will be cancelled or there is time left for ticket cancellation.
  • The login details should be same for ticket cancellations that are used at booking time. Different login details are not acceptable.
  • For cancellation of ticket, seats should be chosen by the passenger. This can be explained by this four seats are booked on one ticket and passenger has to cancel three seats out of four. The passenger has to select the seats for cancellation at least 3 in number.
  • Only card used for booking is acceptable for cancellation of ticket and refunding of the amount. The amount except the cancellation charges will be refunded.
  • Only by using login details, e-ticket will be cancelled. Request for cancellation through emails are not accepted. If the online system is not working then only cancellation of ticket will be acceptable.

Refund Procedure for e-ticket/m-ticket

  • In case when the passenger cancelled the ticket, then the refunded amount will be transferred to the concerned bank’s debit or credit card by the KSRTC system of online banking.
  • If in case, the amount of ticket was debited from the account of passenger but the ticket is not booked then an email is sent to the website onlinerefund@ksrtc.org along with the passenger’s user ID and OB reference no. for the transaction. The department of account in KSRTC checked out this amount details and then transferred to amount to the bank account of passenger through online system.
  • The amount will not be refunded as:
  • If KSRTC cancelled the service
  • If in case service of booking advanced stopped before 30 minutes time of departure, then the online cancellation is not accepted.
  • If there is problem in software.
  • In case if amount is deducted from the account of passenger then an email should be sent by the passenger to the given website awatar@ksrtc.org along with the passenger’s user ID and OB reference no. and ticket PNR No. The department of accounts is only recommended all the details by the AWATAR section of department of traffic and then only they will refund the amount to the concerned bank account through online system. The passenger can cancel his or her ticket within the time period of 15 days just after the date of journey.
  • For the process of refunding, a user ID with OB reference no. should be emails by the passenger to the given website that is awatar@ksrtc.org along with the ticket PNR no. Passenger is allowed to sent this request within the time period of 30 days before journey date. If not done, then request will not be considered.
  • In time period of 15 working days, the passenger will get the refund after email is received or ticket cancelled. If there is any delay in refunds, then following contact number of KSRTC will be contacted.
Accounts Department(In case of failed/online canceled transactions)080-22221321,22221325 Ext.283, 280
Traffic - AWATAR Section(For reasons other than failed/cancelled transactions)080-22221321,Ext.278 or 7760990034, 7760990035

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